The AL-576T LED Studio 3-Light Kit from Bescor is a dependable 3-light studio solution that is designed to withstand the rigors of the road. The kit includes 3 AL-576 LED lights with 4-way barndoors, an AC adapter, and a 6.5′ light stand.

Featuring an all metal construction, the AL-576 comes with a U-bracket for precise positioning. Five hundred seventy-six 5mm LEDs output the equivalent of a 500W tungsten lamp with a high CRI of 90 that is dimmable from 10-100%. Unlike tungsten lamps the LEDs are barely warm to the touch. And that, coupled with the AL-576’s 9 x 9 x 1″ slim form factor, allows the light to go where hot lights can’t. And at only 2.9 lb the lamp head is easily mountable anywhere too. The AL-576 is ready for world use thanks to its multi-voltage AC adapter but it also accepts optional 12-24 VDC batteries when mains power is not available.


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