The Bescor FP-500K Bi-Color LED Two Light Kit features two variable color 12 x 11″ LED lights with a tungsten-equivalent output of 500W. Each bi-color panel has 252 tungsten- and 252 daylight-balanced 5mm LEDs. This panel also has independent dimmers for each color, meaning you can freely adjust the brightness and color temperature from 3200K to 5500K to fit your needs.


The FP-500 is capable of dimming from 100 down to 15% and has a removable filter for added light control. The light can easily mount to a light stand and has a grip handle for transport and adjustment. It also runs on just 12 VDC power and has a power draw of just three amps. Additionally, two 6.2′ dual-braced light stands and two universal AC adapters are included.


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