The Bescor FP-900 Bi-Color LED Wirelessly Controlled Light Kit is an LED fixture that is variable from 3200 to 5600K, dimmable from 100 to 10%, and flicker-free up to 60 fps. With a CRI of greater than 90, the FP-900 is designed to meet the needs of photographers, videographers, and filmmakers in the studio and on location. A digital display on the back of the fixture means you can set your color temperature and dimming settings precisely and repeatedly.

The fixture features four-way barndoors and can be controlled manually or by the included wireless remote control, which has a 30′ range. The fixture uses a metal yoke to mount onto the included light stand. The yoke allows precise tilt positioning that is resistant to sagging or dropping during your shot. The included power supply powers your fixture from mains current.

450 tungsten balanced LEDs
450 daylight balanced LEDs
Wireless remote has a 30′ range, and can control virtually limitless FP-900 fixtures in 6 different groups


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